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DeAnthony Thomas at Wide Reciever?

I was watching Oregon an how they use DeAnthony Thomas an they had him in the slot a lot. He impressed me and reminded me of a Percy Harvin type receiver, Do you guys think that could be his position at the next level?
Yeah so LMJ can have his butt buddy
Enough of these GIMMICKY, Weak, soft Oregon Duck wannabe NFL players. LMJ is a flop so far, another Hi Wasted draft choice. No thanks I'll pass
I love the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who wanted us to draft Tavon Austin last year should look at this kid. Skill sets are very similar but wont cost a 1st round pick. Was more of reciever his first two years in college with 45 catch seasons. While becoming more of a running back this past year.

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No thanks.
I know that he scored nearly 50 TDs in just three years when you combine rushing, receiving, kickoff and punt returns and he wasn't ever a full-time starter. That's crazy production in that short amount of time for a part-time player. If you can get him in the 4th round or later, he could be a serious hybrid weapon and provide the quick-strike capability this stale, boring offense has been lacking for years.
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I'd rather trade for Demaryius Thomas
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if you want to make a percy harvin comparison, look no further than josh huff.
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