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Baalke Has a Fetish for Drafting Injured Players

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Originally posted by sspiker:
Plus a 2nd-round contract on Carradine (or a 4th-round contract on Lattimore) is a lot cheaper than the 1st-round contract that they would've gotten if uninjured. So the "wasting cheap contract" argument doesn't hold water, either.

Just wanted to add, we have world class medical institutions and doctors a stone's throw away from Santa Clara. Why not use them? A lot of the experimental treatments and advances in medicine come from research institutions in the Bay Area. I just see the front office taking advantage of that knowledge and skill set that surrounds them in the Bay Area. These institutions are years ahead of everybody else in medical skill and expertise.

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Injured players are a risk, but for the most part they pan out well.
I don't know if I'd call it a fetish. Tank and Lattimore each would have been selected quite a bit earlier if healthy. Each can potentially pay big dividends next year .
Whether you draft an injured player or any other player, there is no guarantee the guy will pan out into a starter. Look at #1 picks like Raiders J. Russell. Thats the #1 pick of the draft and he sucked. Think of all the Lions top 10 picks wasted on bums (mainly WRSs). The Draft is a crapshoot plain and simple.
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