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SunDevil's First Mock Draft of 2014

Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
A Vandal? For reals?

For real though, why Quayshawne Buckley?

I have followed his career closely, have met him in person several times, have seen him play in persona bunch, and i was curious what you like abut him?

I have my take but im curious to hear yours.

He has some upside, but has some other major issues.

I don't know much about him other then he has a large frame, room to fill out, and has been productive. I know he has off field issues, but ironically that is a bit of a plus when someone shows up senior year and produces (ie candidate for finally got his head on straight and tapping into potential not used before).

They play Florida State on Saturday and will the best look of him for me all year.

At this point its a shot in the dark, there aren't many 6th/7th round D-Lineman I've seen a lot of.

I wouldnt be mad with the pick, Tomsula might be one of the few guys that could get the most out of him, but IMO he does not have an NFL head on his shoulders. He was actually recruited by Oregon state, washington, and washington state, probably others, before committing to be a coug. Then he didnt qualify based on his high school academics. Then he was suppose to become a beaver. Cant quite remember what happened with that, but he ended up a Vandal after that, Then had the DUI where he wrecked his car into a couple of parked cars. His stats are also kind of inflated just based on the amount of offensive snaps the vandals see. He is one of the few guys on the roster that actually have talent right now, but he wastes it a lot of the time. He has ok #'s but he hasnt made differences in games, even early in games before it becomes a blowout.

My personal opinion is he wont be worth it, and will fizzle out quickly. He isiant that bright IMO, and he isaint as dedicated to the game as he should be. He is the type of guy that has good talent and good measurables, but isaint dedicated to use them to their full potential.

Take it FWIW from a guy that gets called a homer quite a bit around here.
Originally posted by JustinNiner:
so you're giving up on Kaep?

Its more of an insurance policy.....At the very least Murray will be able to be a dependable #2 which may be able to be parlayed into future draft picks. If Kap gets hurt or doesn't progress from where he is now i think it would be beneficial to have someone with a year of our system under their belt. McCoy is not our long term insurance policy at QB.
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Definitely. Excellent hands, body control, speed, acceleration, weapon in the return game.

He is a very well developed route tree and is one of the best deep threats.

Although only 6-0 and 185lbs or so, he plays way stronger than his weight indicates.

I think he is a better version of Tedd Ginn Jr.

Ginn went 9th overall and Beckham has already produced more than Ginn did in college. I'm actually concerned Odell may push into the 1st and be out of the 49ers draft range.

(was about Beckham, I compared him to Ginn going 9th.....)
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