Love this guy, from the name down to the gritty performance he offers. Standing 6 feet tall and weighing in around 335 pounds, he is basically an oversized bowling ball with legs. For a guy who holds as much weight as he does, he has some incredibly quick feet and he's been very effective in stuffing the run. He offers little to no pass rushing help but looks to be a very nice late round pickup as a one or two down NT that specializes in stopping the run.

If you've ever seen him play, he's a lot of fun to watch, very stubborn, holds his position well, tough for offensive lineman to get a good hold of him, gains leverage, moves his feet well, he's feisty, has done well against some of the better interior offensive linemen out there. To me, seeing his total body of work, he screams out as one of those guys who no doubt will get passed over repeatedly in the draft.....and end up as a very good quality NFL player.