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Spencer Long-OG-Nebraska Another 49ers injury special?

6'4", 320. Long has a torn ACL, out for the season, before the injury he looked like a potential 2nd round pick. He's an experienced mauler, big, nasty physical guard, outstanding run blocker, plays with attitude, mean but not Incognito wild, terrific interior blocker and due to the injury, he'll likely end up being a bargain in the draft, will likely fall into the 6th, maybe even the 7th round. If available in the 7th, he'd be well worth the selection and then some.

Excellent call and if anyone can fix him we can. That would be a solid gold pick-up especially in the 6-7th.
who would he replace
Originally posted by Allx9er:
who would he replace

depth broski
Originally posted by Allx9er:
who would he replace

Goodwin is leaving, Iupati's deal will be up soon, no guarantee he re-signs, if nothing else he could be quality OL depth which any team certainly needs.
for a 6th or 7th, good deal
Makes sense, tons of potential. Would be a great mid round pick. In a few season we could have OL of this, barring any setbacks.

Long(Potential mid rounder)
Marquardt(Off a broken foot)
Iupati(If we can afford him, hoping he doesn't want to break the bank badly

A 9th OL would be a Veteran IMO. If we had the main 4(Iupati, Boone, Staley and Davis), plus new Center Kilgore I hope, plus we could use A vet as the swing guy, similar to Snyder. And then between Looney, Long, and Marquardt for 7th OL on game days.
Startin to think u people juz want a bunch of injured prone picks so yall can bi*ch mid season about where are they N why aint they helping tha team win ...
My hope is the Niners go for Gabe Jackson out of Mississippi St. or Xavier Sua-Filo out of UCLA if he comes out. Unless the Niners current crop of great value, injured picks start showing something, I want a healthy version of whatever they need instead of guys like Long.
Could draft Long and groom him to take over at guard, especially since he won't be needed this year, he would be great insurance for 2015.

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