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1. The Redskins where foolish to draft kirk cousins in round 4 the same year they traded away 3 number ones for RG III
2. The Broncos where foolish to draft Osweiller with a high pick with Peyton Manning at the helm.
3. The Seahawks where foolish to draft Wilson with a 3rd round pick with Flynn as appointed starter via FA.
4. The Eagles where foolish to get Nick Foles when Vick was the starter.
5. Green Bay burned a first rounder knowing Brett Favre would start for a few more years.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE CK7, and think he is the future. That being said, if a qb value falls into the lap of the niners, with multiple 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks, I would have zero problem with drafting that qb, knowing you might only have them for four seasons. Heck if they are good, you might be able to trade them going into year 4. Back up qb is important, that is all I am saying,. I would prefer to NOT be screwed if CK 7 goes down.

We will have to just agree to disagree, I think drafting a QB early when this team has so many other picks is a waste of a draft pick, teams like Green Bay and the Giants have gotten by for years with random guys that they could plug into their system and make them work. I don't see why the 49ers have to do anything different, Kaepernick is young, they don't need a QBOTF the way Denver and Philly needed, what the 49ers need is to build up the team as much as possible, load it up with guys who will actually contribute and not just stand around holding a clipboard.

I guess my point is that you can find a perfectly suitable backup in the later rounds and use your earlier picks on better players at other positions.