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Cairo Santos-K-Tulane

This guy had a rough sophomore year, missed a bunch of kicks after an impressive freshman season but didn't miss a single field goal his junior season and seems to be doing pretty well this season so far. I'm watching the Tulane game to see how Nick Montana would far pretty awful(actually, both quarterbacks in this game make me want to end it all) but Santos made a booming 56 yard field goal with plenty of leg to spare. A Brazilian, former soccer player, he seems like the type with the right amount of leg strength and accuracy to possibly become a long-term solution for the 49ers at kicker and someone they could take with one of their later picks in this upcoming draft.
[ Edited by Phoenix49ers on Sep 28, 2013 at 5:09 PM ]
Seems weird that the best kickers lately are the undrafted ones and not the top known national guys drafted from the 5th-7th round. Very well could be time to draft a kicker but I think we love our vets. We haven't drafted a kicker since 2002 Jeff Chandler out of Florida in the 4th and that didn't work out so well. Just doesn't seem likely we will do it this year. We will see how Dawson does but he should be back if he does well. If he doesn't we probably spend another year searching around through average vets. Would love to get a reliable kicker for the long term future to go with Lee. I miss Nedney. The good new is though we have picks to burn so if we find a guy we really want who can be the long term future we can afford as high as a 5th round pick on him.
I would've preferred to have gotten Sturgis or someone this year, but I'm guessing because of team expectations, they wanted a reliable vet. I preferred a rookie as a longterm solution not only because it would allow us to address the position, but also because you won't have to pay nearly as much in salary. That extra 2 million or so to get a kicker like Dawson could be used to get a major talent.
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