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David Fales QB SJSU

Originally posted by 9erred:
I just watched the Fresno State vs S?JSI game. I think both qb's will be drafted. Carr much higher, and Fales in the latter rounds. The issue is I think Fales actually could be a better qb.

I would be in for drafting Fales with a 4th rounder or lower.

I see Carr going in the mid 1st to early 2nd round and Fales being drafted in the late 3rd to early 5th round.
What we need..drafting another QB....
Originally posted by Bali-Niner:
What we need..drafting another QB....

A solid back up QB, yes.
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Fresno Fan here... I think Fales is a better QB too.
Originally posted by mod:
Fresno Fan here... I think Fales is a better QB too.

not disagreeing, but would like to know why you think so
Do we take him with the 4th pick in the 6th round here?, we pretty much filled every need at every position we were looking for coming into this draft EXCEPT QB
Good spot to pick him why NOT compete for #3 job we got Gabbert for only 1 year
WoW another Cornerback over Fales & now Fales goes to Chicago, SO MUCH FOR HARBAUGH saying a few weeks ago Fales is a top 5 QB this year. This draft has really become a head scratcher from the get go.