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Dri Archer-WR/RB/KR/PR/Pure Beast Mode-Kent State

For those who really wanted Tavon Austin in the draft, here's a guy who's potentially even more explosive. Ridiculous speed, agility, pure explosiveness in football cleats. Just like Austin, Archer is undersized at 5-8 and 175, but he's a guy who literally can and will do it all. He's excelled as a running back, a wide receiver, a kick returner, a punt returner, even on special teams coverage. He's played in the slot and on the outside, his speed is absolutely jaw-dropping and damn near unbelievable, I would not be shocked in the slightest if he ends up with a 40 that is faster than Austin's. As a runner he shows tremendous vision and balance, he doesn't dance around much, hits the hole, explodes and is decisive with every movement. Used properly, this guy is a defensive coordinator's nightmare, a pure offensive weapon that you can put pretty much anywhere on the field, just get the ball into his hands and let him do the rest.

Archer has a chance to make himself a first or second round pick. No guarantee, but I think what Tavon Austin does this season in the NFL + Archer's performance in college this year could boost his stock that high. Right now, I believe the general consensus is he's entering the year at about a 3rd round grade.

With nothing yet to give us reason to believe Jenkins won't flop, Archer could be a coveted option for a slot WR in the 2014 draft.
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Looks like he is a great player on a very good team. Just get him da ball in open space and as much as possible.
wow, looks like he''s in ffw while everyone else is in normal speed. He's running at full speed in a matter of 2 steps.
Guys with perfect angles can't get him down. Those were impressive highlights, thanks for sharing.
now that we're all in love with him, the seahawks will get him.
He's overwhelmingly fast, but his highlight tape didn't blow me away. He doesn't seem especially shifty or elusive. Maybe that's a good thing, since a lot of players come into the NFL and "dance around" too much.
keep in mind in the highlights he is playing extremely weak competition, teams with rosters of players that won't get a chance at the nfl, teams with secondary players running in the 4.7s

Unlike Tavon Austin he is not a WR, he plays RB and a receiver out of the backfield. He isn't very durable, even by college standards, and will never be a multi-down back.

He is fast, but 1st round/2nd round material he isn't right now.
looks like when this dude gets the ball, he gets in the zone..........the DANGER ZONE

on that video, he actually looks a bit bigger than Tavon
can he stay healthy? looks like he got hurt in the 1st quarter.
word is Archer will play this week after missing most of the season opener and last week's game with a foot/ankle injury. Playing at LSU should provide some nice film for his NFL evaluation.
This type of player is really all we need to round out our receivers. A speedy guy that can return kicks/punts. Only thing is, if his stock remains that high, do we really spend that high of a draft pick on him? Not saying we should or shouldn't, just don't think its likely.
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I think a better comparison to Dri Archer is Dexter McCluster, but more fragile.
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