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Concerns with Eric Reid

Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
There is only one Taylor Mays...

He is a rookie, he will have his derp moments. But I think he has more potential than Goldson ever had.
Not sure what you're looking at here. I see a guy who makes plays. Football players are not robots, theyre not going to make every play, they're going to get beat, miss tackles, take bad angles. You have to give credit to the offensive players opposite of him. I'm excited to have this guy. He's going to be better than Goldson who is overrated in my opinion. He's going to be able to do everything Goldson can do except not make as many mistakes and not get stupid penalties.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
There is only one Taylor Mays...

Thank god.

As there was only one Mike Mamula.
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I don't mean to raise anyone's anxiety levels, but......
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Originally posted by bzborow1:
I don't mean to raise anyone's anxiety levels, but......

Doesn't mean anything really. Could've sworn week 1 started in Sept.
Originally posted by bzborow1:
I don't mean to raise anyone's anxiety levels, but......

Doesn't mean much until the real games start
Originally posted by schexyoung:
Originally posted by NCommand:
Fantastic...always appreciate an inside scoop. What can you tell us about his game...breakdown and then cover his intangibles, if you don't mind.

I can tell you that he played the final seven games of 2012 (missed the SEC champ game against UGA in 2011) with a severe sternum injury (LSU due to player privacy couldn't disclose whether it was fractured or just deeply bruised). The injury was extremely painful, however Reid did not stop hitting hard even when is caused him to come out for a few plays and wither in pain on the sidelines.

- Smart is the first thing that comes to mind. Very devoted to his film study and was able to put himself in the correct position.
- He has the agility and size to cover TEs and larger backs in man pass coverage. I would not match him on a WR, he hips aren't fluid enough to keep up.
- He hits hard, real hard, but he was very good at avoiding personal flags during college unlike Matt Elam.
- LSU rarely utilized him as a blitzing safety, but he was granted the ability to roam in the box and over the top based on the coverage. This is when he played his best (2011).

This question might be a off topic but what are your opinions on the future careers of keke mingo and tyrann mathieu?? Mingo seems to come off the line standing straight up.i can see him getting dominated in the nfl
I'm concerned there won't be enough room in the Hall of Fame for our entire defense.
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Originally posted by bzborow1:
I don't mean to raise anyone's anxiety levels, but......

Doesn't mean much until the real games start

Exactly. And no minicamp yet, so not worried about Reid. He will be a baller come september. He has so much upside, more so then what Goldson had coming out. Goldson peeked IMO due to a great defensive front 7 and Secondary. Not saying Goldson isnt good or pro bowl worthy. Just that he looked better due to the defense being the best in the league. When Fangio came in, Goldson became an all pro, and dont forget Ed Donnatell.

Originally posted by nw9erfan:
I completely agree with this and actually stated it in the Zone after Mays was drafted. He was misdiagnosed as a safety in the first place.

It just makes more sense. Asking a guy like Mays who is probably 3 or 4 percent body fat, to gain 10 lbs and be a super fast OLB, makes more sense then asking him to drop 10 lbs and be a better safety.
Put this on the 9er talk Reid thread but thought it applied.

I watched a little film on a lot of prospects before the draft but wanted to go in depth for the guys we drafted.

Just my thoughts:

-excellent closing speed. Shows a lot of explosion. In the run game especially. If we wanted to creep him up towards the line and send him on a blitz he can do that but we don't really do that. A few times seen him come up and miss on the tackle. Closing speed is great but you have to make sure you are under control. Example (a gunner on a punt who comes flying in and could make the tackle for no gain as he catche the punt but is so out of control he flys right by or the defender easily jukes him because he didn't get under control and break down).

-Pretty good tackler especially when he wraps up but seen way too many times where he doesn't wrap up and just throws a shoulder. Lucky for them most of the time it didn't hurt them, a few times seen where it cost them. Still, no excuse as doing that once could cost you a game or a season. Almost like he threw his shoulder more than wrapped up... might cut it in college but not the nfl... have to work on that from day 1.

-Can hit hard... few times seen him have trouble bringing guys down because he was tackling too high. Can come up and hit rb's in the backfield. Seems like a pretty good run defender and should do well from day one in that area especially if the coaches teach him to always wrap up or at least square up. Once in awhile I seen poor angles in run defense but not to alarming from what I saw.

Can't really comment on pass defense angles, didn't get a lot of looks there. It's hard to see pass coverage in these videos but for the most part I thought he was solid. Seemed to do well in press or man coverage. Seemed to play center field nicely. I don't think he's an ed reed but i think the guy will be able to come in day one and be solid. he isn't goldson and will have a ways to go but if he can just hold his own and not be a weak link we should be fine. Seems to be ok in backpedaling, can be stiff at times in coverage though. Seen one dropped int that was in his hands... so many defenders have bad hands these days though. Also, seen him catch 1 int that he played nicely in center field. Seen another with a nice run back. If he does get his hands on the ball he should be able to get us some nice return yards.

Summary: A good tackler especially when he wraps up but seems like more often than that he just throws a shoulder. Very quick and can close in a hurry. Can come up and tackle rb's in the backfield. Didn't miss too many tackles but in college throwing a should usually works, nfl not as much. Pretty good in press pass coverage, seems to be able to stay with his man. Seemed pretty good in center field as well but didnt get too many looks. Dropped some ints but when he does get them he should be able to get decent return yards. We don't really blitz much especially with our FS but if we wanted to he can get to the LOS very quickly and it's an option. Takes wrong angles in run defense and when covering at times but not at an alarming rate. I think he's a smart guy on and off the field and should be able to come in day one and do well in run coverage (assuming he starts wrapping up more) and solid in pass coverage. Can lay the wood but a few times seen him come up out of control and miss a tackle. Had trouble bringing down a rb or wr a few times, he can take them down with a full head of steam but straight up he gets driven back at times. I doubt he will fill Goldson's shoes this year, maybe a few years down the road he can hope to be nearly as good as him. I think if he can come in and hold his own we should be good. As long as he isn't a weak link. He played up real close at times and also played deep deep middle field a bunch. LSU seemed to keep everything in front of them like we do. Think Reid should be able to handle that.
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Thanks Gore21, good post! I see this backfield as perfect for Reid to learn. He will be surrounded with savvy veterans and Whitner is one of the sharpest. They may help cover for any mistakes he makes as a rookie.

IA number of guys come in with questionable tackling backgrounds but they seem to improve on the 9ers. Too many good examples to be ignored, with Willis being my favorite tackling machine. Have seen Reid not sink before making contact--then he is driven back...the fate of the heavy hitter, coming in too high. But he generally holds on and gets the guy on the ground and his speed/quick reactions often get him to plays other safeties wouldn' really like his intelligence and think it likely he will learn and improve for years to come. When he takes over calling the defenses he will excel.

He is a 49er type player--smart, athletic, and open to learning. Donatel and Fangio will have fun this year...and no doubt gain some more grey hair!
It's like Baalke was talking about in an article after the draft. It's about the angles. Reid is smart.. he will quickly learn in our D not to overcompensate and take proper angles. Once he does this, the sure tackles will come. I think he will fit in well, if we can keep him in more of a zone D.. cover 1 and quarters will be great for Reid.
Originally posted by dtg_9er:
Have seen Reid not sink before making contact--then he is driven back...the fate of the heavy hitter, coming in too high. But he generally holds on and gets the guy on the ground

Yep, when he does come in high at times he usually gets driven back a yard or two but he seems to always hold on until others are there to help him so that's a silver lining. I agree the coaches can do wonders for him. Start with not throwing shoulders and learning to wrap up. It's sad but in today's nfl the fundamentals of tackling (and catching for that matter) seem to have gone out the window. Too many guys trying to deliver big hits. I think it can be fixed though. Same with him getting lower on tackles. Like I said though love his explosion to the ball in the run game. Unfortunately, watching those 4 or 5 games still couldn't much on him in coverage deep down field. I seen a bunch in press and he seemed pretty physical and able to stay with his guys. Playing center field only got a handful of plays on those videos. Like you said our team is loaded with good tacklers, seems like everyone that comes from another team improves his tackling ability here.

Agreed Mr, I seen some bad angles taken at times in the run game and pass as well. He will learn with this defense his main job will be to keep everything in front of him. It's ok if you give up a 10 or 20 yard run, just don't take a bad angle and make it a 50 yard touchdown. Same in the pass game.
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