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Who is your favorite player drafted and why?

Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Lattimore cuz he's a BAWSE

SEC, baby.
Originally posted by fropwns:
SEC, baby.

Reid, lemonier, lattimore, and dial all hail from the SEC. I live in SEC country so I'm especially excited about this draft.
McDonald because I want to see us doing all the things people in the zone said we'd be doing if we drafted Fleener.

Lemonier because as much as I like Brooks I'd like to see another sack artist on the other side at the same time Aldon is on the field

Dial as a NT because w/our coaching we'd have another steal to hurt Seattle and be able to develop Dorsey as a DE He's the guy I really want our coaches to resurrect. He was such a monster in college.
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I can not pick one draftee. I have a three way tie: Corey Lemonier, Quinton Patton, and Vance McDonald.
3 way tie lemoney , Patton and Lattimore

I'm excited about this whole draft really. Not only will we get impact this year but the FO put things in for the future too. The more I think about it the more I love it
Tank is my favorite. I read more about this draft before hand than I had in many years. I particularly focused on pass rushers as I thought that was our biggest need. Mulled the issue for weeks. Two or three days before the draft I finally decided that Tank was numero uno in my book in terms of pass rush ability. Despite the injury I preferred him to guys like Ziggy, Jordan and Mingo who were all fine prospects but overrated in my book as pure pas rushers. Even with the injury I thought of him as a high first round pick.

I liked Tank because he appears to me to be that rare players who can line up with his hand in the dirt and still rush the passer AND not be a negative factor against the run. He can play with finesse and power. I will throw a couple of names out of players who his style he reminds me of. Not saying he is as good as these guys but over time I can see Tank's game develop into a similar style. Justin Smith and JJ Watt. Physically strong players who can hold their ground and play with power and still put heat on the opposing QB. Again, I am NOT saying he is that quality of player NOW but I envision his style of play developing into something reminiscent of these guys. A three down lineman who never needs to come off the field and is potentially dominant.
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Anyone and all that makes the all rookie team or probowl.

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Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
Originally posted by 21SandersMoss84:
I get it that Reid and Tank are the blue chip, fan favorites, but I'm rather partial to Lemonier (because of his potential to be a beast at OLB, spelling Ahmad & Aldon), Patton (c'mon, he'll be everything Jenkins was supposed to be), and Lattimore (no explanation necessary). I feel HarBaalke hit one out the park with this draft.

Jenkins was our 6th string WR last year bro, you guys need to chill with the "Bust" label until the man gets some real playing time

Still trying to find where I used the "bust" label to describe AJ Jenkins. Probably because I've never made such a post.
BJ Daniels.

I know we have Kap but, as long as we have Harbaugh, I will be infatuated with every QB we draft.
Right now, after reading about all those acrobatic, up in the air catches over defenders, I'm going to have to go with Vance McDonald. This may change from week to week when training camp begins.
It's gonna be Lemonier. Just have a feeling the guy can get to the quarterback!!!! Opposing teams are going to be so focused on the Smiths, Lemonier (assuming he gets some PT) could be a force. I think our pass rush is gonna be bad a$$ next year
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oddly enough, a couple jaguars: cyprian in the 2nd rd and denard robinson in the 5th rd.

you can like eric reid all you want--he's very talented--but cyp is a Dog, and you have to have Dogs on defense. cyp is a dog like bowman is a dog; he'll be a difference maker for the jags. great 2nd rd pick. i think he'll be a little better than reid, but it's close.

a playmaker in the 5th rd? awesome pick. denard is a significantly better prospect than dexter mccluster. denard will win at least one game per year for the jags; he will make a big play. wish the 49ers drafted him.
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