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Who is your favorite player drafted and why?

Lattimore. Dude is special. Heart and work ethic will beat out any physical limitations
To me, Trent Baalke has done an unbelievable job. His ability to move up and down and and always seem to come out on the better end was spectacular. It seemed to me like he "won" every trade or go the better of the other team. This draft was a haul starting with the Alex Smith trade. He got two great picks for Alex. The first pick became Carradine who I see becoming a lot like Ray Mac. I also think Reid will be solid but I will always wonder if we needed to trade up to get him. Oh well. However, moving back, and ripping off Tennessee made up for it. That 3rd round pick next year was a great deal. Throw in the 7th this year and it became a laugher. That pick ended up going to GB in a trade up. Win-win and win. Lemonier was a great pick and he reminds me a lot of Aldon. Getting Patton in the 4th was steal. compares him to Reggie Wayne. While he doesn't flash at any one thing he just does a lot right. And no, he's not small. he's 6-0 and 200 lbs. That's not small , but solid and I bet he bulks up a little. The Lattimore pick had me dancing. No kidding! I stood up and danced. I hope, he is the second coming of Frank "The Tank" Gore. The big D-line kid from Alabama was a very good pick as well. Can't wait to see him develop. So, not only was this whole draft solid, but we potentially got TWO "Tanks" and a Patton. Don't mean to sound cliche but I think we are ready to wage ware in the West.
Oh, and that monster of a TE. All he needs to learn is how to in-line block? Really? That's it? Can't wait to see how he develops. Maybe unlike Walker he will learn how to block and still remember how to catch? One can hope.
Love the Tank pick I think that was my most exciting one watching it

Just woke up this morning to the Patton and Lattimore picks I mean wow.

I mean just wow
Tank--he reminds me of chris doleman as fas as build and style
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Lattimore may become better than Gore if he comes back healthy. this guy was incredible in school. not taking anything from Gore, hes the best RB we've ever had, but Lattimore seemed like those once in a generation RB's before he got hurt
I love the Lemonier pick, this guy has the potential to steal Ahmad Brooks' job in a year or two. Although he will have to stand up in the league, his closing speed is ridiculous.
I loved getting Patton in the 4th, could be great value pick there.
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Vance McDonald. A big, strong TE that was used as a slot WR in college? There's going to be a lot of mismatches defensively with the way Roman can come up with ways to isolate and get the ball in the hands of playmakers.

This. Another big, fast target for Kaep to play with. Delanie was just too unreliable. Vance has an opportunity to shine in this offense, especially with Boldin, Crab, and Vernon drawing all the attention. I'm going to go ahead and predict that he's the most productive rookie TE this season.
Tank for sure

I would have been happy with him at #18

Offense; Marcus "Steal" Lattimore. He is going to be one of the keys of 49ers success for a very very longtime. He is by far, the steal of this draft. He is humble kid with a natural 1st round talent.

Defense: Reid and the "Tank" = Big time experience from big schools with the attitude and the tenacity like Patrick Willis. Willis set the standard on what a member of a 49ers defense should act and play like. Like Harbaugh says "play like a maniac"
TANK! He could have possibly gone in top 10 if not tore his ACL. I just cannot believe we got him! so excited to watch this kid.
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We all thought they "hit it out of the park last year as well" BUT......

Fact remains they drafted some players we've heard of and are excited but nothing i s guaranteed.

People were handing out a B+ last year

people now are just excited over the new "toys"
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