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Trade Down 20 Spots, recoup our 3rd Rounder?

Trade Down 20 Spots, recoup our 3rd Rounder?

i dont understand how or why all you people keep saying " we have all these picks" Well all these picks are mostly 6th & 7th rounders who wont make the Roster anyway so the more 3rd & 4ths we get the better. Trade down from 34 to get back a 3rd or a #1 maybe next year?
Originally posted by NinerG94:
Originally posted by goldstandard333:
Quality over quantity.

This. I hope the 49ers stay put and use both second round picks or even trade back into the second round and make a third selection there. This round is loaded with talent. I'd be ok with trading back only to acquire a first round pick for next season but I don't see that happening.

With so few roster spots open, they should get the best talent available for their positions of need. Unless somebody offers a ton for the 34th pick, use it and then possibly move up from 61st by packaging a later round pick to get another prospect. Hoping for DL help at 34 and either a TE or CB with the other 2nd rounder.