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Raiders considered Geno Smith vs DJ Hayden, so...

They have a shiny new #42 pick to play with. Jaguars are widely expected to take Matt Barkley, with the Eagles a huge, huge threat to take Geno Smith. TRADE!

SF Receives:

OAK Receives:

42: Alex Okafor
61: John Jenkins
66: Tyrann Mathieu
I like but Baalke sounds like he knows who he's taking @ 34, might take more than that to convince him to trade
[ Edited by babarvaart on Apr 26, 2013 at 5:32 AM ]
Not a fair trade --49ers would have to throw in 4th as well to make it even.

I'm not entirely opposed to that.

42 - Jesse Williams
61 - DJ Swearinger
66 - John Jenkins/BPA DL
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