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Oakland Miami trade

If al was alive Austin would've been the pick
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
If al was alive Austin would've been the pick

They would have given up the whole draft to move up to #1 to get him.
Give them a little credit. They need picks..................ANY picks to fill the many holes on their roster. They recouped their 2nd round pick that they lost in the Carson Palmer debacle and ended up with a cover corner that was sorely missing from their defense. They can pickup a D lineman with their 2nd round pick or whatever else they need. McKenzie has torn this thing down all the way to the foundation and is starting the long rebuild. Can't root for them, but have to give them some credit for making a decent decision.
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Rumor has it they wanted Hayden at 3. Saved some money, got another pick and got the player they wanted. Win.
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