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2013 Draft Discussion Thread

Originally posted by captain_planet:
Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by captain_planet:
Good, a tackle. We don't need another WR.

go fight pollution

Never fear! I've been crossing my fingers against us drafting D. Rogers this whole time.
I want them to draft in the 7th Marquess Wilson. Bummer o well. good luck to him.
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Sean Renfree.
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Fauria Rogers Hopkins Okoye
Just put that cheerleader video on until our pick
Cromartie CB should be our last pick
get a tall WR or a big fat NT
And we're on the clock!!
Hurry up Bungles!
I'm surprised Lester and Jefferson didn't get drafted yet

Kwame Geathers please
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RT @JedYork: Thinking we need a guard to distract opposing DTs. Don't be surprised if Jay Burns comes of the board. Just watched his film against Harding
Originally posted by jreff22:
get a tall WR or a big fat NT

Tyrone Goad maybe...?
Here's another who pick
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Oh snap! Oh snap, dudes! We drafted Marcus Cooper!

So seductive.
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