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2013 Draft Discussion Thread

Tavon..... Shorter than his mom lol
The NFC West is going to be a savage division for years to come.
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Man.. Harvin and Austin. Time to blow em up!!
I ain't trippin.
f**k it tavon austin is gonna be a bust now
Tavon Austin, meet Patrick Willis, Navarro Bowman, and Donte Whitner.

Have fun b***h
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Not sure why people are panicking over Austin, as many pro's as he has, it'll be interesting to see how long his frame holds up in the NFC West with some of the physical, hard-hitting defensive backs he'll be seeing on the regular. Amendola was a beast who couldn't stay on the field.

Amendola isn't even close to as explosive as this guy. The Niners couldn't barely touch Percy Harvin, you think they'll be able to get a good hit on Tavon Austin? Gonna need some help from Bradford to get Austin laid out.
Good move by Rams
4 down player at 176 lbs? All he has to do is catch those dump offs in front of Willis and Bowman and see what happens.

Meh. f**k T. Austin. Willis and Bowman can take care of it.
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the question is can bradford and that offensive line deliver the ball to him?
Don't worry, we got LaMichael James
T. Austin.... meet Patrick Willis
I hope he takes concussions better than Jahvid Best did
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