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2013 Draft Discussion Thread

mingo? dam...
Whoa, not sure Sheldon Richardson is going to be around in the 'teens for the 49ers to make a trade up and get him. Hopefully teams will start drafting other positions for awhile.
Fluker or Cooper to Arizona.
Mingo to the Browns
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
city name tramp stamp?!?!

Haha good point
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Gonna be EJ Manuel lol

Raiders pick
and this is why cleveland sucks
Mingo going at 6 is good news for the 49ers - he is the only one so far who might have gone after Richardson.
Mingo .... at 6? .... hmmm, no
I am 4/6 so far, but feel the ship will sail soon. Projecting Lotulelei to the Cards at 7, but wouldn't be surprised to see OL. The Lions made the sucker pick on Ansah. I just don't see it.
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Really hoping for a falling Star
Originally posted by eastcoast49ersfan:
I don't see why Ziggy can't be as good or better than Aldon Smith eventually - he's bigger (an inch taller, 271 lbs with room to add more, arms are 35 1/8" compared to Smith's 35 3/8") and more athletic. There was no one else left at #5 with close to the upside of Ansah.

Everyone just wants to compare any longish athletic black pass rusher to Smith. Fact is, Smith played inside a ton at Mizzou, and beat his man alot with a freeze move and using his hands so well. Ansah doesn't have that, although they are similar in size/build. Dion Jordan is nothing like Aldon Smith.
The Cardinals have some kid running the organization... figures.
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Zona..needs an olineman
Cooper should have been Detroits pick. I like him here
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