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Watch Draft Online - NFL Network and ESPN Links

For those like me who can't watch on TV, here are the links to both. Each of them has the Pre-Draft Coverage on right now so I know they work and have Excellent quality.

Click on the Network you want and then click on the !Flatam link. Those are the ones working for me. Anyway...

Update: Pre-Draft Shows are on. ESPN - Chris Berman, John Gruden & Co. NFL Network - Rich Eisen, Mike Mayock & Co.

The ESPN !Flatam Link1 is working fine again. I'll verify the main links right before the draft but I just checked and the other ESPN links are all OK quality (ie. @SportTV Link 2, Bulto* Link 3 , Link 4)

The NFL Network !Flatam Link 1 still works fine.
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Bump for the Update
ESPNs best Link is working again. FYI. The !Flatam Link.

Go Niners!!
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