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This mock makes me moist

1. TRADE 31st overall pick, 4th round pick, and one of our 6th rounders to a weak ass team like the Jags, Raiders, Bills, Browns, or Cardinals for their 2014 1st rounder and their 3rd rounder this year. They trade up for a QB, we get Jadeveon Clowney in 2014

2. Margus Hunt - The older the berry the sweeter the juice

2. Keenan Allen - Best WR in the draft. f**k the haters

3. John Jenkins or Brandon Williams - We need a fat boy

3. David Amerson or DJ Swearinger - Can't decide which FS gets me wetter

3. Tyrann Mathieu - So what he smokes weed. Stop being a p***y

4. Marcus Lattimore - Basically like trading a 4th for a 1st or 2nd rounder next year

5. Reid Fragel - Used to play TE like Joe Staley. f**k it why not

6. Levine Toilolo - Big ass Samoan. Just throw it up

7. Brandon Jenkins - Pass rushing beast. Injury drops him to 7th round

7. Quanterus Smith - Same as Jenkins. Let them compete for a spot

7. Lawrence Okoye -
Okoye + Hunt =
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Makes me a little moist. I'd rather have Brandon Williams than Jon Jenkins.
Originally posted by btthepunk:
Makes me a little moist. I'd rather have Brandon Williams than Jon Jenkins.

True. I'd be happy with any of those two
Somebody is horny
Lol love the description for Toilolo- Big ass samoan, just throw it up.
unrealistic but moist
My cock makes u moist
I'm here for the moistness
Yeah, not realistic for Allen to fall to 61, Jenkins to round 3, Amerson to mid-3rd (he will be taken in the 2nd), or Mathieu to the late-3rd. It would be awesome if all our needs fell to us and I like the trade if a bad team is dumb enough to do it, but I don't see this happening.

Makes my ass moist.... I want to s**t on this mock
I really hope you're a woman. LOL
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Oh Em Gee. This mock cured my erectile dysfunction!
LOL I love this mock draft! Picking up a first round pick next year would be great. Getting Clowney with that pick would be priceless! Not sold on the honey badger but I loved that you told everyone to stop being a p***y! You might have the best handle on the board too!
Absolutely LOVE it if it fell like this.

Clowney is off the charts and we end up w/ a VERY good draft PLUS two second rounders next year and maybe 10 overall picks.
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