If you want the maximum # of picks, we do nothing and just let the picks come to us. Maybe hit on 2 of them, #31 and 34? But would you rather have a starting TE Ertz and 2 starting DLs plus a FS at end of 3rd rd( would not be a starter this yr.)....and leave it at that? That would be 3 starters where we really need them and a shot at a FS at # 93, in 3rd...who probably wouldn't be a starter. If so here is a simple way to do it as long as we find a dance partner.

#31 Ertz
#34 DL, Jesse Williams(ALA)
#32 trade: #61(292 pts) +# 74(220 pts) +#128(44 pts)+#157(29 pts) = 585 pts (just a shade under 590 pts for 32nd pick(Hunt, DL), or DL of your choice)

Which leaves us with #93 pick, a late 3rd rd shot at FS.

3 guaranteed starters, plus a FS(that probably wouldn't start.) That would blow everything but our 3 comps(PK, OT, WR)

Would you make that 4 man trade for a 2nd starting DL, (and 3 starters overall where BPA = need) with a shot at a late 3rd rd FS at #93?