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a stab at niners draft

pick 15 sheldon richardson de missouri niners trade picks 31, 61 and 93 to pick starved saints to selct sheldon richardson, who begins grooming as heir apparent to justin smith...though patterson might fit better in 4-3 his quickness is similar to ray mcdonald, who has fared well in niners defense

pick 34 cordarelle patterson wr tennessee best tap colin kaerpernicks potential for greatness niners need to surround him with premier talent...patterson can take a short pass the distance, and has speed to get deep

pick 74 travis kelce te combo te in draft with ability to block and catch

pick 128 traded for 2014 pick

pick 131 josh evans fs florida balke is too smart to bypass better players to force filling need at free safety...niners have found good safeties in rd 4 including golson and lance schulters

pick 157 emmett cleary ot boston college has experience at both right and left tackle, and is a good player who is under the radar

pick 173 gilbert pena nt ole miss ian williams and glenn dorsey are somewhat undersized nose tackle..pena fills need for 330 lb block occupier inside

pick 180 greg reid cb valdosta st one time florida state seminole has quickness to possibly be a slot coverman and, hopefully, a harvin neutralizer

pick 237 dexter mccoll ss tulsa could he develop into niners version of kam chancellor, a tall safety who can force turnovers

pick 246 nathan stanleyqb sw louisiana ole miss transfer with a strong arm

pick 252 craig roh de michigan has some athleticsm, could develop potential serving on practice squad
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Nice draft but i thought Patterson was considered a top 15 pick?
lol no way Patterson drops to 34

if anything, the Niners would have to trade up just to be in that respective target range of where he'd go
Good call on the Dexter McCoil pick. He's a sleeper, but man did he have ton of INTs (18 if I recall correctly). Shows he has a nose for the ball.
Would get no complaints from me, if this were the outcome.
Originally posted by smithc28:
Nice draft but i thought Patterson was considered a top 15 pick?

Rumor has it he was an arrogant d*ck in his combine interviews and pissed a lot of teams off. Other rumors suggest that he is not a student of the game, and not particularly mentally sharp, so he could struggle to learn NFL offenses. He might have to be a "slant/drag guy" for a year or go to a team that can afford to redshirt him, but only IF the rumors are true.

He also has Alex smith hands and short arms. That's not a rumor. I actually don't want him, but the teams get to know way more about the guys than we do, and I'd be down if HarBaalke decided he was the guy.

pick 252 craig roh de michigan has some athleticsm, could develop potential serving on practice squad

If we are going to develop a raw athlete at DE, I'd rather go with that Okoye freak. More Boom/Bust, but that boom could be insane. I'd just spend camp and preseason teaching him pass rush, and develop him for run downs through the season. Let him get some reps in preseason games, and he'll get owned on run plays, so no one steals him off the waiver wire when we go to stash him on the PS on cutdown day. A full year with Tomsula could get that guy oin the field next year. He went from Novice to Olympian in the discus in 2 years. I coached discus, and that is NOT easy to learn. Dude must have wild athletic instincts.
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