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Rather trade up to pick #10-15 to draft TAustin or trade up to #20-25 n draft Patterson

Rather trade up to pick #10-15 to draft TAustin or trade up to #20-25 n draft Patterson

If "WE" trade up for a pass catcher... I want... Tyler Eifert!!!!
Honestly id rather have patterson, hes a big percy harvin.just needs work on route running but immediately he would return punts and kicks. Get him in space and hes as big of a beast as any. The way he runs if he was a hb he'd be the best in the country.
Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
No WR in this yr draft is truly worth a first round pick...

Justin Hunter will have a better career than both of them
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I see what you are getting at. In fact, is a very valid point cos it is very costly to trade up to 15th. The only problem is it doesn't seem to be doable anymore in any case. Mike Mayock has Tavon Austin go in the 8th to the Bills now. Quite frankly, there have already been talks whether the Eagles may even take him at 4th to go with Chip Kelly's high-octane offense.

However, this is where the problem starts cos if Austin goes that early, it will have a chain reaction to how the rest of the WRs will be drafted in the 1st, namely it will move them up. If Austin is not available to the Rams, they may have to go for Patterson. If they take Patterson, Steelers may take Hunter, that's even before you get to Vikings and Texans who are sure to pick a WR.

So, what is the conclusion ? As long as you want a top WR, I don't think there will be a choice, but to get ahead of pick 16 even if Austin is gone, unless the 9ers don't view Patterson or Hunter or even Keenan Allen for that matter as being 1st rounders.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
IF, only given these two options...

With the talk that we may possibly be interested in trading up to the top 15 to draft Tavon Austin, I wonder if there is any interest in Cordarelle Patterson. Patterson seems to be falling down draft boards a little bit, probably due to being a raw WR with only one year of D1 experience.

We don't have to give up nearly as much if we only trade up to picks #20-25 and get Patterson. Hell, he might even fall to #31, kind of like how Stephen Hill was thought to go first round last year but lasted into the second round.

They both can return, play wide receiver, and play running back. Austin is more NFL ready but he'll cost more for us to trade up. However, Patterson has the potential to be a red zone threat, while Austin not so much.

What say you?

Patterson is extremely raw and one heck of a project. He could end up being a beast a few years down the road or an absolutely epic bust. Austin looks like he could be a nice playmaker, but is he worth giving up a bunch of quality picks to take him? Hell no. 49ers would be better off standing pat, adding a safety and a DE/CB/NT and then looking for a guy like Da'Rick Rogers or Quinton Patton in the latter part of the 2nd Round.

Not the question though. It's which you would prefer if given the two options.
Well since everyone is not listening to the question I'll play fair. I've been salivating over Austins speed and play making ability all off season. But with him going as high as the top 10, there is no way I would trade up that high for him. But with Patterson, his stock has been dropping because of him being raw, but he is just as versatile and almost as fast as Austin. He can also return kicks and punts. I'm sure with our coaching staff we can develop him into one of the better receivers in the league. So of he fell into the 20s, I wouldn't mind if we surrendered a couple of picks for him.
Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
No WR in this yr draft is truly worth a first round pick...
Trade up for dion Jordan
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