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No camera in the War Room this year

Government conspiracy!
good for the F.O. one less distraction, and they don't need to worry about someone pickin their nose live on camera.
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Good, because in some war rooms you can see their draft boards. I don't want them giving an advantage to another team.

Is that why we lost Bruce Irvin last year?

I can see Cheat Caroll hiring a surveillance team and lip readers as he gives John Schneider a reach around.
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I agree that it doesn't do them any good to have a camera in there, but I loved watching it the last few years, so I'm a little disappointed.
We were too good last year to have a war room
Actually the past few years they have been doing this and really couldn't see anything but last year we got a good look at a depth chart draft board and we had a bunch of players figured out. They also had it color coordinated for injuries, off the field issues, etc. We could see when Baalke was on the phone and a lot of the times the inquiries were just nibbles (real quick calls) but a few times we seen him on the phone for awhile and then us trading was announced. Was really exciting and you could actually tell some things by their reactions at times. Most of us remember Baalke upset at pick 49 a few years back. We weren't sure if he was mad because Clausen went at 48 to Carolina or because Singletary wanted it his way and probably begged Baalke to let him get Taylor Mays. Really sucks but maybe they know part of the draft board was accidentally shown. I'd be fine with them just showing Baalke, Harbaugh, the Yorks and scouts at the table. P.S. For those that never watched it Harbaugh loves diet coke and he chews so he spits constantly. Anyways, with how close Baalke and Harbaugh play their cards I am surprised we got it last year and the year before. I can see why they dont want it as it does no good for them. Really sucks though for us fans. It was really neat being inside the draft room. As for those thinking NFLN would show it they have in the past but it's once every few hours for 10 seconds.
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It would be fun to have a camera in there, but have it be delayed. So only after the 1st round is over do you see their reactions.
I think another disadvantage to having cameras watch them is that they don't want the confidence of their future players to be damaged. Picture them seeing their guy get drafted a spot or two ahead of where they wanted to grab them. Well now they have to draft their second option. No cameras and they can be open about the emotions of what's going on and still claim to have gotten "their guy."
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