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Denard Robinson - Can He Make It ?

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This dude seems like a good kid with some pretty decent athletic skills. He ran a 4.43 40 which is faster than a lot of RBs. Even though QB is now out of the question, do you think he can become an NFL WR or RB ?
I think he can used as a specialist in the option.

Double bluff play action with Denard taking the handoff then Kap turning into WR for him.
I asked myself the same question yesterday as I seemed to see him pop up a lot in mock 49er drafts on the zone. After reading about and seeing him at the time of the Senior Bowl, I thought he was now a total bust (no hands ) and couldn't believe his popularity as a potential 49er, esepcially as a WR or PR. So I did a bit of research yesterday and it seems like:
- he was a very good runner in college, especially in the open field. Many felt he would be better as an RB than a WR in the pros;
- he has had nerve damage in his arm, causing him difficulty in throwing, catching and holding onto the ball - the 3 principal things necessary for him to have any value at all at QB, RB, WR or returner. He was still suffering from this at the Bowl and Combine (no gripping power) - so the big question was whether or not he could get over this condition. His 40 time was good, in the high 4.4s, but not as good as some had projected previously.
- he evidently worked very hard on addressing this problem by working with very good medical/receiving/returning specialists before his pro day. At the pro day, the accounts seemed to say that he caught everything sent at him by Dan LeFevour, the former Central Michigan QB and now CFL pro, and also showed he can catch punts.

Therefore, he seems to be a good worker, motivated and focused on identifying and addressing his issues, and definitely has a "wow" factor when he's ok physically - although not ever really as a throwing QB. He's got good size and speed (the same or better than most 6' type WRs) and seems to have a lot of heart. He also would seem to have the ability of at least Randall Cobb in versatility. I think the main question is his durability in general and the nerve condition in particular, so I would think the boom/bust question is more of a health decision than anything else. His worth to the 49ers then becomes to me a decision that should really be made by those with sufficient information about his present and projected condition. Fans like us are just guessing. Hope this helps.
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I like him from these standpoints.

He can be a returner as he learns WR. if kaep goes down. McCoy can be the qb but can still have robinson in the read option packages while still having SOME threat to pass. He could also be a 5 carry a game kind of back if we have an injury to lmj or hunter.

With tbe creativity we have on offense. He could be the jack of all trades kind of player. While mainly being the return man.
I think he will stick with someone in the NFL. The kid has skills with the ball in his hands. He will have to learn to be a WR, but supposedly he has made some strides as the offseason has progressed in that regard. Do I want the Niners to take him? I say no. I would much rather have Ace Sanders at this point.
Robinson reminds me of an old Buffalo Bill named Marlon Briscoe. In todays NFL he would have been a star QB but discrimination by the owners caused him to be a receiver. Robinson was a decent college QB who gave it his all but was just not good enough to play the position in the pros. He'll get a shot, let's see what happens. By the way, Briscoe had a decent career, 224 receptions 3500 yards and 30 touchdowns.
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