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Tico's Mockolishous Trades

if we stay put at 31 we could nab patterson so i dont know if i would be down to trade down at that spot given the talent that would fall to us. I like the talent we nabbed but still seems that we would have holes still concerning our depth at the positions of T, OLB, ILB, and TE
This is probably one of my favorite mocks I've seen all year, great job

I think the only thing I'd ask is if we could change DJ pick @ 41? I know he would be Whitner's replacement next season, but I'm not the biggest fan. Maybe go for a TE to fill in for our 2 TE sets b/c I don't see Celek or Tolio filling that role?

I'm just nitpicking, b/c if there is a way we get Star AND Buffalo's 1st rounder (with Nassib as their QB, could be a TOP 10 pick!!!), that's an A+ in my book, hehe
If this were to happen, I would nominate you to be ruler of world. This would be absolute phenomenal work. AND, it could fall this way. The Buffalo pick for next year could be a to 10 pick. No kiddin, if this happens I might poop myself.
No WR or TE till late? 3 DBs? We do not have roster space for 2 safeties and a CB. A slot CB is a must... so Mathieu is a good pick at 93. Then a versatile safety that can play both FS and SS.

I actually think that either Reid or Cyprien will be available at 41. That should be the pick. Then a WR or TE at 61.

If I were picking with these trades, I'd do this:

13 - Star Lotulelie

41 - Eric Reid

61 - Da'Rick Rogers (WR)

93 - B.W. Webb (slot CB... Honey Badger is gone by this spot)

153 - best TE on the board (no roster space for Lattimore)
Good analysis, I like the idea of getting a #1 in 2014. However, the more I look into this draft the better standing pat becomes. We will get top selections at 31,34 and 61. There's plenty of room to trade with later picks.
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