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following the patriots blueprint

baalke seems to be following the pats draft approach of accumulating alot of draft picks...but i dont think he will make the mistake that pats did, which i think was trading for more picks at the expense of going after really good players...what i mean is, for the dealing that pats did they missed out on alot of good players, even with a vast # of picks..e.g. they have had a need for cornerbacks, and rather than trading up to get a good one, they take guys like rasi dowling and the butler kid from connecticut....finally they have to trade for the tampa corner

i think baalke will use his picks notso much to try to amass more picks in future drafts but rather to go after specific players he wants for the niners...1 possible shocker, i think if sharif floyd falls into the early teens baalke will go get him, or at least try to
I don't understand this love affair for Floyd - he's not the greatest fit in the 49ers scheme because of his short arms. He is an awesome 4-3 DT, but he I honestly think he would struggle as a 3-4 DE and he can't play NT unless he gains a lot of weight. I think there's a better shot we go for Ansah/Lotulelei/Richardson if they fall.
Other than that, I agree that Baalke is following that approach, but he's willing to trade up for his guy and I think he also recognizes the value in trading back a year, particularly given how many players the 49ers could lose to free agency in a year.
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