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my 1st synopsis

I'll make this quick sight? Check it....
I don't think they will actually end up doing this but, Tavon Austin would be the ideal guy to trade up for. In terms of a dynamical play maker he makes
Alot of sense to me. Can you imagine the first receiver to obtain at least a thousand yards
Rushing and receiving? Not to mention his impact as a ST player.. Hell he might even be able to cover! Lol
players I think are more likely we'd trade up inside the top 15 are... Xavier Rhodes, Milner (if he slips) Star.L and Ziggy Ansah (I live in Utah so Im quite familiar and privy to these players, bodies of work) D. moore and Mingo, along w/ Richardson and Floyd..
If we cannot get Rhodes, it doesn't matter to me because we can just Sanders Commings. Whom, I believe, like with Amerson and Rhodes,
can play both safety spots and and at least one of the corner spots each. I don't like this class of safeties for FS except for maybe one or two passable prospects..
And for the rest of the draft, if you care to know my analysis, I'm busy so you'll just have to wait.
I could see us trading for some of those guys, but we definitely won't trade inside the top 15 to draft D. Moore (he's not big enough to play 3-4 end and that's a terrible value - he's being mocked in the 2nd in some drafts now. There's no reason to reach that much for a guy who doesn't even fill a need.

We have LaMichael James who is a pretty similar runner to Austin, so I would be surprised to see Austin rush for 1000 yards. I think he and James could both be change-of-pace backs, but Austin would be primarily a receiver/returner and maybe a threat to run or catch out of the backfield. I don't think we'll get him anyways since we have James and AJ Jenkins unless Austin falls to 31 and becomes a ridiculous value (and guys we need are off the board).

I think Amerson could be a nice FS, but we might go with a guy who is more experienced at playing safety if we're looking for a day 1 starter.
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