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Please Don't Let This Happen !!!

Im gonna laugh so hard when a guy like Aaron Mellette or some later round WR becomes the most productive WR out of all of these guys.

Most of these first round guys are way over hyped.
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Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
We shouldn't worry about who Seattle and the Rams get...we should worry about who Baalke does get. And, I'm not worried...Trent knows what he's doing, despite some doubters out there. We should come out of this draft absolutely freakin' loaded.

The 2 are interlinked if you will. If Seattle gets someone who can ball and if Baalke makes another bad pick like AJ Jenkins again, we would be in trouble. Plus, they already got Harvin, if they get another deep threat wideout as a rookie along side with Rice, it could be pretty scary. Russell Wilson is just too good with his weapons.
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