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Grade Glory's Ultimate 2013 49ers draft

Grade Glory's Ultimate 2013 49ers draft

Ok first off we have too many picks so I decided to use all of them up including next year's 5th to move up, up, and up. I don't have time to spend hours analyzing the roster, when contracts end, team needs, and so on. I just did a quick and dirty draft analysis and looked for impact players that will produce short term and long term. So with this said I've traded the following:

34, 61, 93, 128,157,164,180,227,237,next year's 5th, 95th (received wiith earlier trade involving these picks)



And the results are:

#20] With the 20th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the San Francisco 49ers select, Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Tenneesee. This guy is going to drop because of recent concerns about his football IQ and we're going to scoop him up. He's arguably the best athlete in the draft class who excels with many basic routes. We're going to play him to his strengths and then mold him into a polished WR. Anquan Boldin is going to mentor this boy and he's going to be our #1 regardless if Crabs decides to bolt.

#31] Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida International. Dashon Goldson 2.0. We get an immediate starting SS.

#68] John Jenkins, DT, Georgia. Will play immediately spelling Dorsey. Tomsula will turn this guy into a top notch DT. Willis and Bowman will be very happy.

#74] Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati. Tough as nails athletic TE who can pass catch and run block with the best of them. Not as nimble as Delanie but he will be a much better red zone threat.

#131] William Gholson, DE, Michigan State. He'll be groomed to eventually replace Justin Smith. Good DE to man the edge. Great upside.

#150] David Bass, DE, Missouri Western. A sleeper, a sack master. He calls himself "Beast". We'll line him up everywhere to terrorize opposing QB's. Aldon Smith better step it up!

#246] Mike Edwards, CB, Hawaii. Cool as a cucumber fluid CB with good speed, excels as a returner. Let's take a chance on this Hawaiian

#252] Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State. Let's give Dawson a run for his money. Though I doubt we'll keep 2 kickers, let's see what this Hopkins kid has.
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In my mind this kind of showcases the downside of trading up. When it comes to the first three rounds (the money rounds, imo), you went from 31, 34, 61, 74, 93 to just 20, 31, 68, 74. You traded out of the 2nd round completely. All in all, supposing just for the sake of argument (even though it's a crude approximation, taking out early busts and late steals) that the top three rounds are where you can find starters and rotation players, you've consolidated 5 new studs into 4.

On the other hand, you happen to have traded up for one of my draft crushes. Patterson is the only WR I would be fine drafting in the first two rounds (I don't think guys like Allen or Woods or Hopkins would make a big enough impact for us to justify forgoing bigger needs). So it's a tough call. Overall I definitely like all the guys you slotted.
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love how everyone on here has us getting a 2014 1st for our 31 or 34. yet when it comes to people mocking us moving up., we NEVER seem to have to give up our 31.

EDIT**** you hav eus moving up 14 spots to 20 while only moving back 7 spots from 61. by just adding 3rd, 4th and 5th's. If baalke made a deal like that you'd burn every 9er gear you own.
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Don't like giving up that many picks in one trade. We don't need to use all those picks this year, but I'd like to use some of them to set us up for future drafts as well.

Also not big on using a high pick on a NT, considering our scheme and the presence of Dorsey and Ian Williams. Also not a fan of Gholston anymore, I've heard very bad things about his motor and football IQ.

I have Cyprien and Jenkins going 1-2 in my mock draft. Although I have Niners moving up to land Cyprien at 21, and taking Jenkins at 34. I dont think Cyprien makes it to us at 31. That being said I obviously love this mock with landing Paterson in addition to the others.

This mock receives a perfect score!!!
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1 year review:

1. Patterson -- turning out to be a stud
2. Cyprien -- 104 tackles, 1 int, 2 FF, 6 PD, 1 sack
3. Jenkins -- backing up Bunkley
4. Kelce -- Suckage/Injured
5. Gholston -- 31 tackles, 2 sacks, backup DE
6. Bass -- 23 tackles, 1 sack, 1 int, back's up peppers
7. Edwards -- suckage/FA
8. Hopkins -- suckage/Injured

Overall so far, yeah, not a good draft, but as I stated it was a quick and dirty analysis.

But...Cyprien is no Eric Reid but who's to say he wouldn't have success with the 49ers ipo Reid? Patterson would have been our Percy Harvin. At this point in the season, imagine him lining up with Boldin, Crabs, & Davis.

Jenkins would have filled in nicely with Dorsey with Ian out.

Bass and Gholston would probably see the same PT as Lemonier but they seem to be effective off the bench.
That would've wen a solid draft. We'll need some time to see how our rookies (especially Tank and Lattimore) develop before we compare.

Reid is good, but I'll take a stud WR over a stud FS any day. He's an electric returner as well. Anyway, that's what makes this draft appealing to me.
Decent to look back on these mocks. This is definitely a solid draft. Ours is more of an unknown and I still prefer it because of the Lattimore pick. This year, I'm in favor of moving back if we can't get one of the top corners and there are still lots of 1st round/early 2nd caliber receivers on the board.

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