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Auction off pick 34 to the highest bidder

Trade with the raiders
I would stand pat at 31 and take DE Datone if he's there or Eifert or a CB,S Or WR Hopkins. and at #34, I'd trade it for a 2014 1st and maybe a 4th?
If the niners get an offer at 31 for a 2nd this year and a 2nd next year I think they should take it. Likewise if they get a similar offer for 34 I think they should take it too. I wouldn't be against trading both away this year.

If someone is throwing in a 2014 (or even 2015) first rounder for 31 or 34 I'd bite their hand off.

You could make both those trades - and still have enough ammo in the 2103 draft to come away with a bit of luck and skill with a very good propect or two for the Dline (Jenkins, Williams, Montari), grab a tall TE to back up Davis (Kelce, Sims, Escobar), grab a FS prospect (Rambo, Thomas, Armson) in the first three picks and then draft 3-4 BPA as you see fit.

I'd like the Niners to stash a RB this year: Marcus Lattimore (injury) or Christine Michael (pass blocking and attitude).

Worst case (and highly unlikely) if the Niners traded all their picks this year for 2014 seletions this team can play now and compete for the Superbowl - the only obvious hole would be FS since there is no obvious successor to Goldson but in this scenario I'd exepect the Niners to sign Woodson to a 1year deal as a stop gap.

This FO has enough credit from hiring Harbaugh and previous draft selections and the way they've handled the salary cap and built this roster to its current strength (including trading for Boldin who I think is a huge player for us in 2013!) that if they want to trade up or back or trade everything away for 2014 or even 2015 I would be ok with that.
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
By the end of the first round teams looking for Quarterbacks will be desperate. I don't think there will be a run on QBs in the first, the second is another matter. It would be great to get a first rounder from next years' draft. IMO if the 49ers don't trade up they trade back. This draft could put Baalke into the elite status of General Managers.

Everything depends on the teams general manager and how foward thinking they are. Krizay is correct in that, teams can sign players picked in the first round an additional year. If your are developing a QB you want that time cause that can be an expensive piece of property if they bust out early Like Luck. Or if they need to be developed like for a year or two or more like Kaep or even Aaron Rodgers. The niners were willing to trade up into the first round to get Kaep, because of it, and because Dalton went before Kaep in the second, everyone assumed we were trying trying to trade up to get Dalton when it was Kaep all along. If we got Kaep in the 1st, one of the perks would have been more time to develope him if needed and also having him under contract one more year if so desired, meaning his contract would have expired in 2015 instead of 2014 or extend one year later. However, there were o takers.

Other players maybe not so. Still Krizays other point is you don't want the other team to have time to counter offer which is what will happen if they go for the 34th pick to get a player if that is who they really want. So they will pay extra for the first just to get the player. Its a gamble of course, but you are banking that your HC, OC and QB coach can turn the player into a Wilson, Dalton or Kaep. If they can, its a home run even if it seems expensive at the time. It also means you can pick someone else with your own for round pick. Like drafting his future target or person he can hand off to.

Still, if a player drops that they really like but didn't expect to, where the niners don't have to mortguage picks, all bets are off. That's why this draft is going to be very interesting and entertaining even though we don't have a high pick. Especially after when all the arm chair GMs on the zone are gonna post and boast that Baalke is a fool when he doesn't pick someone they wanted or didn't move up or down.
The problem with trading pick #34 is it's not in the 1st rd, even though it's only 3 picks later. There could well be some teams that would be more willing to get a particular player and fear if they wait, they may miss him. Trading the #31 pick should yield a better pick, as well. Baalke's goal should be to gain as many picks in the first 3 rds as possible because that's the best pool of talent in the draft. And, BTW, it's not very likely any team would be willing to sacrifice next year's #1 to get our #31 or 34.
Originally posted by 84SheepDog:
We need to get a 1st rounder next year. I know it can change but I was looking into next year's prospects and there seem to be like 5 quarterbacks that could be drafted in the 1st. That would move alot of talent down to our spot!

Besides, rooting against teams when you have their 1st round pick is like having two favorite teams to watch on Sunday. Only one of them you hope they lose every game!

haha yep that year we had the panthers first round pick was awesome. Watched their game every week and became a huge fan of the team they were playing.
The arguments for trading 31 over 34 make perfect sense. If it does happen, I'd prefer to get more picks in the 2nd and 3rd round this year. There will be lots of starter quality talent available from 32-100. Picking up an extra two picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds could net us two more future starters without that much of a drop off in talent. As QBs fall and/or picks like Eifert (although I prefer Ertz), Austin, and Jones are gone, it may be in our best interests to trade back to acquire more picks and talent.
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