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Okay predict the 1st round pick

Tank Carrdine and ya have ta like the name. Tank is badazz and Carradine is badazz in a kung fu type way.

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We trade up and grab Kenny Vacarro .

If were gonna trade up why not get Xavier Rhodes?

Yea Rhodes is my favorite CB wish we could steal him away ....

My favorite is Dee Milliner. NFLN reported a rumor that Atltanta may trade up to grab him, though. They must have more ammunition to trade up with?
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Quinn Sharp!!

We'll trade it for Suh.
1. Tavon Austin
2. Honey Badger

Im I dreamin
If someone is targeted they'll move up. The question becomes how far? I think that pick would be Vaccaro before the Rams picked. Tank Carradine is my sleeper, if he's there in the 20's the Niners could go after him
DJ swearinger

if we want to the zone to go ape s**t with a reach it will be Tyran Mathieu
If we sit still, it'll be Datone Jones.. but I expect us to move up for Sharrif Floyd..
Originally posted by smithc28:
De'Andre Hopkins

I would LOVE it.
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
Kenny Viccaro

I guarantee we're not drafting Kenny Viccaro

Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
John Jenkins

No more Jenkins!
Originally posted by SFL49ER:
I guarantee we're not drafting Kenny Viccaro

I see what you did there lol
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Eric Reid
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I orginally said Reid, but now it's looking like he's going to be going earlier, so I say the pick will be Ertz.
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