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what is the case for niners to trade up for tavon austin?

i dont think i see it--Those pushing for Niners to go after this guy please make your arguments

to me I see a guy under 180 lbs, played in a gimmicky offense which inflated his stats, and still only averaged 11 yards a catch

he is fast, but will find nfl defenders to be faster than those he faced at w. virgina...reports now say he scored 7 on the wonderlic

he can help in the return game, and also line up in the backfield and take handoffs..but so can Cordarelle Patterson, who averaged 12.8 yds on 25 carries last year, and he is 6-1 7/8 216 lbs...patterson also struggled in the wonderlic, getting an 11

Austin seems relegated to being a slot receiver only, whereas Patterson has the size to line up outside

if Niners trade up for a receiver i hope it is Patterson

according to this mock, we don't even need to trade up to get cordarelle
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Well IMO there isnt any WR worth trading up. In fact. there isnt any PLAYER to trade up for. But to play devils advocate.....

Tavon would fit seemlessly in this offense. with all the formations that we have. come out in 3 WR and 2 TE set. motion austin over to Rb and run the read option out of that while the defense is in a nickle or dime? Not to mention his return abilities. that would just be an added bonus to his WR skills out of the slot.
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We need a new thread for this discussion because.........

It sure seems like the one below.

Tavon Austin vs Cordarelle Patterson
Would be awesome if we snagged him, but not trying to give up future picks for him, wanna keep the draft picks stocked for next year as well
There is no case for trading up for Austin.. I may end up being wrong, but I wouldn't trade up for him.
To me, there is no argument..., anymore! Tavon Austin is not going to beat an elite defense in the NFL. I dont care that hes 'never' been injured in the game. When you are 180 lbs. (generous 180), and you get smacked by a LB or even a 210lb safety a few times, youre going to wear down.
There is no case for a overrated midget WR ....
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Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
There is no case for a overrated midget WR ....

That I agree for once.
I can see the case for trading up to 20+ to get him, especially with so many draft picks this year

1. He can immediately contribute game breaking ability on punt returns and kick offs.

2. He can be used out of the backfield, so for instance, we could come out in an empty backfield 3 WR 2 TE set, and motion him into the backfield to create mismatches with an unexpected run or even an option. Harvin-Bush hybrid

3. Excellent slot receiver with exceptional speed, could be a Desean Jackson type deep threat

4. Remarkably durable for his size

5. One of the most productive college players ever

6. The most dangerous player in the draft with the ball in his hands, threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball

Cordarrelle Patterson has a similar skill set, but IMO will need more time to develop before contributing as a receiver than Austin.

Finally, I'd like to say, I'd rather not trade up, but trade down due to the ridiculous amount of depth. The differences between player 20-60 are so varied in opinion, that I see a lot of good talent dropping farther than expected this year, and I would also like to get an additional first rounder next year some how by trading either picks 31 or 34. Ideally, I'd like us to trade our first this year for a first next year and a 3d or late 2nd this year, and use some of our later picks to trade up into rounds 2-4.

No. He's too small. This roster has enough small receivers. I want a big bodied receiver for once.
This week before the draft the mocks are all over the place. There seems to be different #1 each day, factor in trades and it's all over the place. I'd like to see the 49ers keep their top 3 picks but there's a good chance that they will trade up or down.
Small , Big , Slow or Fast ...I want SOLID FOOTBALL PLAYERS
Richard Sherman will break Austin if we get him. I hope Baby Jesus stops Baalke from drafting the wee WR.
Abolute ZERO!

Will NEVER happen.

BTW, we hve enough Hobbitts.
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