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Who's flying up your draft board?

One week until the draft and mock drafts are finally starting to differ. There are several prospects that are catching momentum and flying up draft boards. Which prospects do you guys think are moving up the proverbial big board?

I have two prospects with green arrows pointing up which the Niners will hopefully be targeting.

1. Johnathan Cyprien - I'm staring to think the cat is out of the bag on this one, but he is clearly the number two safety in this class after vaccaro. I think people are skeptical because he's a small school kid, but you watch his tape and he stands out in a major way. He killed it at senior bowl. Very physical safety. He has ideal size and good speed, but his best attribute might be reaction time and play recognition. Not to mention he hits like a linebacker. His game is not polished yet, and he has a very high ceiling. He can be coached up and become an all pro. Comparable to Eric Berry.

2. John Jenkins - One massive human being. Weighs in around 345-360. Despite his size, he has good quickness. Jenkins had a great senior bowl, displaying an unblockable bull rush. He might not get all the way to the QB, but he will constantly demand double teams. Jenkins is superb in run support, with incredible strength. 30 reps of 225 at combine. Yes please. Jenkins has the girth and ability to play anywhere on the line coach wants. Can toss offensive linemen around if left one on one. Comparable to Vince Wilfork.

I'm really hoping the Niners can land one or both of these prospects. So who's flying up your draft boards?

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Justin Hunter and DJ Hayden.
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For me it's Da'Rick. I've seen some updated mocks having him going in the low 20's. Cats out of the bag.
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Sio Moore is a guy that looks like he will get looks from 3-4 teams as well as 4-3. I see him going sooner than later.
DJ Hayden and DJ Swearinger have been soaring for me.
CBs DJ Hayden & Terry Hawthorne & Rashaan Melvin
Safeties Josh Evans and JJ Wilcox
WR's Ryan Swope & Rodney Smith & Marquees Wilson & Brice Butler & Jasper Collins
TE Ray Otten & Chris Gragg & Vance McDonald
RB Kenjon Barner & Kniles Davis & Michael Ford (sounds like he got skrewed)
OLB Trevardo Williams & Brandon Jenkins
Tyrann Mathieu: I think the Niners (or someone else) take him at the end of the 2nd.
Tank Carridine is on a roll and moving on up.
The following guys have been moving up for me:

Tank Carradine - he's looking like one of the best options for a pass rushing 5-technique DE. He'll have to adjust to the position, but he has the physical tools to do it.

DJ Hayden - this guy may be the best slot CB in the draft. That is a major area of need for us, so if we can get him I think we should.

Travis Kelce - his blocking ability probably makes him a better all-around TE than Zach Ertz. I'd love to pick him up at 61.

Da'Rick Rogers - I've always been high on him, but the more and more I study this years WR prospects, the more I believe that Rogers is the best and could be picked in the 1st round.

B.W. Webb - IMO the second best slot CB after Hayden. Small-school sleeper.
Based on Mayock's comments and rankings it seems like the logical guy is DJ Hayden. That is why everyone is including him now.

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Justin Hunter without a doubt !!!
Jaime Collins
Originally posted by NYCNINER:
Jaime Collins

Nice. One of my favorites. I would love to get him at the end of the 2nd.
Gotta love the media "experts" and their mocks. NFL teams do extensive hands on research over an entire year to determine who they like and do not like. By the time they examine them like cattle at the Combine, personally interview them, go to their Pro Days, talk to their coaches, all they are doing is verifying what they saw on tape. Very little changes on their draft boards, especially not a couple weeks, or 1 week, before the draft. The NFL team draft boards are pretty set way before that with little movement up or down a couple slots this late in the game. When you hear media heads talking about, "This guy is flying up everyone's draft board", that's BS coverup talk for THEM rating the prospect so low . They don't want to look bad when they had a guy as a 3rd rounder being picked in the 1st or vice versa.

Its a big sh!t show...and you know what? I LOVE IT!!!!
Do any nfl teams listen to mayock, kiper, at all? Or are they just there to give us information?
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