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If we go up that high i'd rather take Star
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
For a WR? f**k that.

This is as far as I needed to read through... + 1.
That's a joke... I don't even know if I'd give up that much for a healthy Percy Harvin on a rookie contract.
Sorry I didn't get to comment, but yeah like Most I would be pissed with this trade, giving up our 1st, 2nd, 3rd from Panthers, 4th and a 2014 2nd for a small WR who I love as my top WR is way way way too much.
I could see the Niners moving up into the 20s to get a player who has dropped some. I would be shocked if they moved all the way up to #8 just because it would cost way too much. Austin would be a nice addition but not at that cost.
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LMAO If Austin went to CAL instead of WVU...............

DeSean Jackson 5'10 175
Austin listed at 5'9 174

I know Djax wouldnt have cost as much to draft. But what im saying is there are still people butt hurt over us not drafting him. He's the same damn size as this "gimmick", "small" etc...... WR.

just saying.

while I wouldnt do this trade. it isnt entirely ALL that much. Considering where our picks are being and likely will be giving up from. I for one, Would like to explore the option of Jeremy Maclin. I read somewhere about him possibly being traded. and it would make tons of sense on soooo many levels. If the money matched that is.
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