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I have a serious "Man Crush" on Marqise Lee

[ Edited by 94605NiNer on Apr 15, 2013 at 1:08 AM ]
Can someone embed please?
trade the ranch for him. wow
He looks great!

But, don't USC receivers have kind of a s**tty track record of transitioning to the NFL? At least recently. Dwayne Jarrett, Mike Williams come to mind.

I blame Pete Carroll
Let's not draft any of those guys covering him on that reel.....
Ted Ginn had a similar highlight reel in college

damn, dude's got some serious change of direction speed.
Originally posted by Canadian49er:
Ted Ginn had a similar highlight reel in college


Ginn had a highlight reel, but it wasn't similar, Ginn was a track star in pads, this kid from the above highlights looks like a football player with speed.

#OSU fan
One of the reasons trading some of this years picks for next year's is a good idea.

Looks like a slow version of Tavon Austin, except Lee didn't do any punts in those vids. It looks like Woods runs as fast as, or faster than, him when he is downfield blocking.
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I have a serious "Man Crush" on Marqise Lee

Sounds personal.
Coming from a SC fan saw this guy every Saturday the past two seasons this guy is worth trading up come next years draft. Unlike Robert Woods who is coming out this year this guy is a versatile all around play maker similar to Percy Harvin but without the injuries & has better attributes as a complete WR. With all those picks in the years draft wouldnt be a bad idea to stack up some of the picks we have in this years draft to move up in next years Draft. Top 10 talent
He gud.
Tavon Austin>Lee
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