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my last mock as well......

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Colin Klein AND Nate Montana? Having a Montana on the team would be poetic and all but that is a total waste of two picks.

Well Collin would be an "eh why jot project" While Well, Montana would be just a sentimental gesture if you will. But in all seriousness, what in the world we going to do with those last 2-3 picks anyway? Those picks will be camp fodder regardless.

Take someone who may stick on the practice squad, like Quanterus Smith OLB or a kicker like Caleb Sturgis as insurance for Dawson. I know those picks are HUGE long shots to make the 53 man roster, but I wouldn't waste them either on sentimentality.
i would be happy with this mock
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Ur tradeis h*lla unrealistic N not one pick I like F-

I live on the east coast all my life and never heard of the word hella until August when my now neighbor moved from San Fran. On Tuesday I found out I am moving to San Fran in October. I can't wait to get there. I am tired of routing for the away team when I go to games.
Go 49ers!!!
I've lived on the west coast my whole life and have never heard of "routing" for a team until just now. I am not moving the east coast soon.
I would be disappointed if Baalke used 11 picks this season. I doubt more than 5 players make the 53. Of course he must find a trading partner but using all those picks this season seems a waste.
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good job, good effort
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