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So far, who have the 49ers invited?

NFL limits each team to 30 college players who can visit the team at their headquarters.

Here is who I know has either made the trip or been invited:

Jonathan Cyprien S
Josh Evans S
Duke Williams S
Tyrann Mathieu CB
David Quesenberry C/OG
Luke Marguardt OT
Quiton Dial DL
John Jenkens DT
Lawrence Okoye DE (British discus thrower)
Tavon Austin WR/KR/PR
Tyrone Goard WR
Greg Wilson WR
Matt Furstenberg TE
Travis Kelce TE

The original poster hasn't updated and the title should be fixed a bit. A few of us posted updates on the later pages though. Not sure what you are doing but you made 4 threads.
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My bad. I kept waiting for the thread to post, after I hit the create button, but my browser just spun. Than I went back to check the draft forum to see if it had been posted, and I didn't see it. So I posted it again.

Hopefully a moderator will come by and consolidate it.
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