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Surprise Over-Rated & Under-Rated

Originally posted by TTown9ers:
Yeah because Bucky Brooks has made a living as a talent evaluator at the pro level. Oh wait, that's right, he's an arm chair GM just like the rest of us. Nevermind...

Um actually Brooks had been a scout from 1999-2007 before becoming an analyst. He also had a 5 year NFL career. Brooks knows a lot more about football then likely anyone on this board and has actually scouted for a living. The same cannot be said for you, me, or anybody else on this board.

Doesn't mean his opinion is right but don't talk s**t about an analysts credentials without doing the research.
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Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
I feel like WR Josh Boyce is underrated. Dude put up some good #s. He strong and fast.

He could be deadly with the 49ers as a Percy Harvin type of RB/WR weapon.
Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Hopefully people agree that Tavon and Star are overrated and they fall to us

Word. Sounds like a good plan. We should pay all the analysts to talk about how the guys that we really want are overrated and actually suck.

Well whoever payed Bucky needs to start bringing the big boy money!!
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Bucky Brooks is spot on !! Tavon Austin is a slot receiver, no doubt he can make plays and contribute in the return game. But, he isn't a top 10 pick simply because slot receivers are not as valuable as outside wideouts. Austin is not your go-to guy when you need to make a huge play down the stretch. He is simply too short and small to go up to compete for the ball especially when going against bigger DBs such as your Browners and Chancellors of this world. Let's put it this way, Austin is not Calvin Johnson or Julio Jones. I am not saying he is not a good player, of course he is, but he doesn't warrant a top 10 pick.
Really good feedback - thanks!

What about Datone being rag-doll'd and being over-rated. Who if not mentioned in the article would be an under-rated DE/Pass Rusher?
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