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Legbreaker and vrabbit MOCK the draft

Sheldon Richardson is gonna be a flat out monster 3-4 DE.
I would hate this. I could see moving up a few spots but not so far to give up 31 34 and 74. Way too much
Originally posted by PTulini:
I don't like the idea of giving up so many picks. The 2nd round is where the good value is.

Richardson is not so much better than the other DT's available at the end of the first and early second that I would make this deal. I would rather keep our first two picks and take D. Jones and Jesse Williams if we wanted to stock up on d lineman.
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I like the pick and it almost turned me on, but I can't get past giving up 34th along with 31st (AND) 74th.

I think HarBaalke can wheel and deal the 31st and later round(s) w/out giving up that 34th (34th is like a late 1st round pick)...
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