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By looking at all you guys Player wish lists I have noticed that Jesse Williams and Brandon Williams have been on alot of them . We have the Smiths , Justin Smith and Aldon Smith . So what do u think of us drafting The WILLIAMS BROTHERS!!!!!! Both have experience and played both NT and DE in college. Both are great athletes for men there size with both possessing Great Power and Speed !!! Think of how it would be if we had 2 Haloti Ngatas to deal with on our DLINE . WOW that's scary !!!! JESSE WILLIAMS - 6-3 320 lbs and BRANDON WILLIAMS - 6-1 341lbs together would be an unstoppable force , surrounded by Wolves- Aldon, Patrick, Navarrow, Ahmad . Please don't hit me with it would not work cause we've seen it work before Examples - Pat Williams and Kevin Williams - VIKINGS Tony Siraquisa and Sam Adams 2000 Ravens . Both were Teams with dominate defenses due to having 2 Monsters on there D-line.

I like it

but we need a safety
Originally posted by xela510:
I like it

but we need a safety

LOL I know , We would still have 11 More picks to get us one since we would not have to trade up to get either guy!!!!
Don't forget we also have Ian Williams so that would make three. Brandon Williams is the guy I really want; wouldn't complain with Jesse either
1 NT
2a S
2b NT

Not likely but it would be fun!
TV commentators would have a field day.
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