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If it could fall this way.........


Vaccaro will not be there at 31 lmao
Vacarro isn't lasting past pick #25. I'll stand on that till kingdom come. After being in sports science and his shooting up the draft board. If we want him, we're going to have to trade up around St. Louis 2nd pick...

And lets stop with the Datone jones pick. He's just not going to be a successful nfl player. I'd take him with a 6th or 7th round pick...let him be a backup or something...
In a word...fuggediboudit.
Don't know the % of realism except that we ain't drafting 12 players. There will be no more than 7 players drafted by the Niners. the other picks will be traded to move up in this years and the 2014 drafts. This is due to the particular needs as far as depth and aging on the team. Believe me, the FO has pondered every scenario on DD and they are ready. And there will be a gem or two that the Niners will come up with that no one else knew about.
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