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Who's gonna take Geno Smith?

Who's gonna take Geno Smith?

Where does one of the top QB prospects wind up in?
tampa bay, in trade with cleveland for the 6th pick in rd 1
Cleveland, Raiders, Buffalo will trade their first round piack nest year to us for #31 and take their QB.

Although it may not be Geno.
Eagles or Buffalo If he slips past the Bills then i think he falls to the 2nd round.
Oakland, that's why they got rid of Palmer
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Originally posted by NTeply49:
Oakland, that's why they got rid of Palmer

They'd be dumb to do that. BPA, especially along the defensive line. And see how Matt Flynn fares in his first year.

Assuming they have a horrible record, they'd pick in the top 3 to select a QB in a class with much higher potential than the Geno Smith one.
Originally posted by NTeply49:
Oakland, that's why they got rid of Palmer

Yeah but they replaced him with Matt Flynn and they still have Terrelle Pryor
He will be an Eagle with the 4th overall
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J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS. He slips to NYJ and sanchez gets traded just before regular season.
I can't see any of the teams mentioned takinging him in the first round that high.

Maybe in the middle and still I don't think so.

Taking an inaccurate passer that early will set that franchise back for quite a while.

The smart move would be to take a D or O line and build for the long haul. I mean as an example, the Jags suck everywhere. Both lines are a joke and whoever they pick as a QB better be able to take a real beating.

IMO, that's why the teams that needed QB's like the Raiders, Buffalo, KC, Cards went after the leftovers right away. Because they had VERY little faith in Geno or any of the other scrub QB's this year.

IMO, and I'm wrong quite a bit, there won't be a QB taken until the end of the 1st - early 2nd.

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