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Trades are really confusing. No need to trade up for Cyprien. Makes no sense for buffalo to trade up for Geno. Mia & Tampa trades make little sense either.

I saw buffalo making a move up a few spots to secure their new franchise Qb. Nearly every team drafting in the top 10 have major Qb issues, and I don't thInk geno makes it out of top ten picks. Some team should get aggressive to land geno and I think buffalo makes sense. Maybe they will trade 2014 picks instead of 2013 picks but we all know Kolb stinks. I also thought Detroit is in good position to trade back and begin stockpiling future picks.

I think St. Louis is in a position where they want to move up and land offensive talent. Miami on the other hand has more than a few holes to fill and would benefit from trading down in the draft.

The Pittsburg Tampa trade is probably the least likely, but I felt Ansah would be a player the steelers covet. He's a day one starter in James Harrison's role. Tampa would have missed on milliner and vacarro in my mock, and would be trading down to acquire picks to package in a trade with the jets for revis.

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Genuine question: is Cyprien worth Reid plus whoever we could pick in the 3rd?

No, the gap between the two is minimal at best.

Exactly. Plus, if we wanted to trade up for Cyprien in that scenario, it would have to be to 17 ahead of Dallas and its just not worth it. Swearinger, Reid and Elam are all on par with Cyprien in my opinion so there will be a quality safety available in the second round


Yes. Cyprien is fills dashon's shoes better than Reid. Reid to me is a coverage liability and he has not proven he has the instincts I want in a safety. He is a great tackler, but cyprien is on par with him in this aspect. Cyprien has displayed not only great instincts, but also the ability to make a play on the ball and make interceptions, a la Goldson.

I believe it is worth whatever it takes to get cyprien whether its at 21 or 17 or even 15 with a trade with New Orleans. We have an abundance of picks this year, with only one major hole to fill at safety. It seems goldson's contributions are taken for granted, and that if we just plug a vet back there then it will be ok. Goldson was an all pro. The defensive line can be addressed later in the draft, as well as o line depth. We are set every where else.

We must take advantage of our position in this draft. We must land a safety. Cyprien and vaccaro are the top prospects at safety in my judgement, worthy of mid round picks, with Reid being a late first, early second grade.

Thanks for everyone's input

Wow What do you think of REID NOW,is he a liability in COVERAGE? really

Not only that, but a lot of people thought the other were on par with him and no difference. Shows you how much the zone really knows. We ALL can hit once in a while and name several people who end up better, but what it comes down to is you only get one choice and one shot to make your play-otherwise the player is gone or you gotta live the choice you decided to sit on. None of us has anything vested in it but emotion-not lively.