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You are on the clock... (2013 collaborative mock draft)

The Saints need help for their wretched defense, so they select 6'7", 265lb DE/OLB Devin Taylor out of South Carolina.

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San Diego looks to the future... NO chance this guy will be there is the 4th in real life...... QB MIKE GLENNON

Lol Ninerjohn you hype up every one of the picks you make.

Miami selects Hugh Thornton OG Illinois

Bucs select Gerald Hodges LB Penn State
Rams select Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M

The Dallas Cowboys select: Michael Buchanan DE Illinois

Steelers select.. Montee Ball

New York Giants select....................... OT JORDAN MILLS Louisiana Tech

Chicago selects Michigan St. TE, Dion Sims

Bengals select Malliciah Goodman DE Clemson

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Redskins look to strengthen their o-line by drafting Brennan Williams, OT from North Carolina.

Minnesota selects Akeem Spence DT Illinois

Colts select Andre Ellington, Rb, Clemson
The Green Bay Packers select Shawn Williams, S, Georgia
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