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Sports Science Colin Kaepernick & E.J. Manuel

Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
Does Sports Science ever say anything negative about a prospect?

No, they normally highlight someones strengths, and cut out most peoples weaknesses. But at the end of the Manuel video it shows their all time sports science player scores

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Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
Originally posted by NTeply49:
Was watching this and it reminded me a lot of Kaepernick, and maybe Manuel would be a good Q.B. prospect for us in the mid rounds. E.J. Manuel Colin Kaepernick

I love sports science. Also, the one on Kenny Vaccaro was very interesting and got me thinking he might be worth trading up for.

Keny Vaccaro kind of looks like Colin Kaepernick, Dashon Goldson, and Aaron Hernandez all morphed into one person.

Haha, I thought he kind of looked like Kap too lol.
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