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Can the Niners draft a 16 game rookie starter in this draft?

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A second TE is also a strong possibility to start. It would be someone who is already skilled in ready defenses and finding open areas in the zone. Not a speed guy like VD but more along the lines of a Jason Witten or Heath Miller. A big rugged guy with more agility than Davis that would be that safety valve when defenses get early pressure on the QB. Not sure who would be there at the end of the 2nd round as that is where I could see the pick going for a TE.

As to a second TE being considered a starter, I just don't see that happening. With Boldin and Crabtree being settled as starters, if Jenkins did not win the job as a 3rd wideout in many situations, he would clearly have to be written off as a major bust. I have hopes that would not be the case. In reality, with the multiple sets Harbaugh/Roman use, the idea of who starts and who comes in with the different packages makes it hard to say who is a "starter" and who is just part of another package that plays a lot. In either case, the time Walker received should indicate a second TE would get a lot of PT.
Thought about a second TE to start but not sure how often the niners start out games in the two TE sets...knowing Harbaugh a lot? And if they had Eifert or Ertz it may be their base opening group.
Originally posted by mayo49:
I like Cyprien, but I like Reid better.

THIS. Way better competition he has faced.
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Originally posted by valrod33:


That's a bingo!
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Goldson clone Swearinger or Reid

I can only answer the post question, yes and that position is most likely Safety. Then maybe DL specifically NT, if not then they at least have a lot of snaps at DL and at TE as well. WR definately no. They will be at best like moss, manningham and williams. Kaep is not afriad to wing it, but as we saw with a veteran like VD, it still took time for the two to gell. A rookie wr? Remember what happen to Jenkins and LMJ, they had to wait because of the nfl rule about your graduating class ceremony being held before you can join the nfl team, then there is the semi negotiating process that needs to
Dave Amerson - would likely start and excel at free safety

Rd 2 or 3 TE - would likely play ~50% of snaps
Rd 1 or 2 DE or DT - hopefully would rotate in for ~50% of snaps
I don't think we need to draft NT for the DL...rather, a couple of bigs who can play any position. That's what would give Fangio the most flexibility and ability to keep the starters really fresh so they won't wear down toward the end of the season. The percentage of downs where a "pure" NT would be on the field seemingly get less and less each season. So many teams are so prolific throwing the football we're in the hybrid the most. For that Fangio needs guys he can plug in at multiple positions...not only to keep the starters fresh but give opposing OL's a lot more to deal with.
Originally posted by jimrat:
Goldson clone Swearinger or Reid

Would like both guys on the 49ers!
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Originally posted by tohara3:
Originally posted by jimrat:
Goldson clone Swearinger or Reid

Would like both guys on the 49ers!

Same here

Jesse Williams
John Jenkins
Phillip Thomas

Three guys that we could realisticly draft that could start day one and make an impact.
I think it would have to be a safety
Originally posted by gold49er2183:
I think it would have to be a safety

That is the most likely option, though I would be incredibly happy if we draft a 16 game starter in pretty much any positions on the roster.

Barring injuries, for a rookie to start they would have had to have beaten out some tough competition. Starter-wise we have a pretty good roster that got us to a Super Bowl, if we can find one or two immediate rookie starters in this draft we would be in an incredible position both talent and depth wise.

I also consider most of the 2012 draft as "rookies" in that they weren't expected to contribute right away (3 players with injuries), so I have high expectations for this season
Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
If we draft a safety in the first 2 rounds, he will likely start 16 games for us.

Jonathan Cyprien is the safety I want - with either one of our first two picks.

I'm with you , that kid could step in and contribute from day 1
NT for sure - as a starter.

BUT I hope we have a rotation and the guy gets some rest and be ready for the playoffs.
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