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mock draft for success (UPDATED 4/10)

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You might want to switch Allen and Reid. The Ravens pick right after us and will likely snatch Reid up. Otherwise, nice mock.
great mock
I wouldn't go for a wr, but a talent like Allen (and some homerism) would let me think otherwise. He would be a great heir to Boldin
lets just draft 13 Receivers since that's what everyone wrongly thinks is a huge need.
Switch Q. Smith and Washington and your draft would be more accurate in terms of value.
Well thought out but I don't think the team will go wideout with the first pick. Safety is too big an issue and someone will be there at 31or 34.
Allen's not dropping anywhere near #31...besides that, WR isn't at the top of the priority list from everything I've seen/heard. Baalke needs to do the smart thing and take the best "big" DL on the board. Then get your FS. Draft a TE, big CB, OLB, ILB, OT. Could take a WR, but as others have said, not that early. Understand trades are hard to predict, but I can easily see Baalke trading out of #31 spot to gain another 2nd rd pick. Most experts will tell you, the best group of talent in this draft is between picks #20 to 70. If TB can add another pick or two in the first 3 rds, mission accomplished. It's really hard to say who he'll pick...but that's in the Niner's favor...other teams don't know what we're going to do.
i hope lattamore is there, but i think he's a third round draft choice....

But other than that, it's full of wins....
not too shabby
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