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5 Possible surprise choices at #31

What wouldn't surprise me at 31/34:

Any FS, CB, WR, NT, TE, DE, SS (if they planned on cutting whitner but doubt it)
Trading Back or Up
Giving the pick up for a 1st next year

What would shock me at 31/34:

OLB - Unless we are gearing up to replace Haralson after this year although not sure where he would fit with 4 OLBs Brooks, Aldon, Parys, Fleming/Johnson. Would mean either 5 OLB's or Fleming is gone. Don't see Haralson being cut this year.

RB - I think we have a few years of Gore left and after that Hunter and James could carry the load. Maybe next year but not this year.

OL - Unless they plan on cutting Goodwin and they don't think Looney/Kilgore are the answer. 3rd Tackle is the only need I see other than that.

Then the obvious QB, ILB, T, G, K, P, FB, etc

Players that I could see as surprise choices at 31 or 34:

WR's - Allen, Patton, Hopkins, etc | All but Jenkins and Crabtree are FA's after this year
OLB's - Collins, Carradine, Moore, Okafor | Replace Haralson after this year. Maybe not confident in Fleming or Johnson.
NT - Hankins, Jessie Williams | Don't see it happening; as little as we use a NT Dorsey and Ian can get the job done.
FS - Reach for Reid, Rambo or Thomas | Guys like Cyprien, Elam, Swearinger seem more like SS to me.
SS - Cyprien, Elam, Swearinger, etc | Maybe not at 31/34 but someone to replace Whitner after this year. Draft is loaded with SS's.
Originally posted by smithc28:
I have absoloutley no idea who we are gong to draft. Did anyone get it either AJ Jenkins or Lamichael last year or even Aldon and Kapernick the year before?

I got Jenkins and Lamichael in the pickem last year. I introduced Kaepernick when everyone was talking about Locker (mainly just because I thought Locker was vastly overrated). This year..

Damontre Moore, DE/OLB Texas A&M

He's one of the top pass rushers coming out and was once considered a top pick. He has good patience and excels with stunts. That's the key to Aldon's success. He has a good motor, a long frame, and a quick first step.

We looked at Irvin last year, so the team isn't against spending a high pick on a pass rusher. Plus, why else would we talk to Luke Joeckel? Luke faced this guy in practice on a daily basis. He knows his skills better than anyone.

Similarlly, I think that's why we're talking to Elam's teammate. Baalke wants to know who was really the captain of UF's defense.

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I agree about the need of a WR, but do you have any other alternatives to Hopkins ?
The players we select will have at least been visited by Ballke or major coaching staff member at either the combine, pro day or visit to our HQ. Anyone have a list? Half the list will be real interest, the other half smoke screen.
this chick

This is the sort of "inside the HarBaalke box" (outside for us) posts I love! Thank you!
Wouldn't be mad if we drafted Hopkins.
Originally posted by WildBill:
The players we select will have at least been visited by Ballke or major coaching staff member at either the combine, pro day or visit to our HQ. Anyone have a list? Half the list will be real interest, the other half smoke screen. Strickac's post above for this very reason on Damontre Moore, DE/OLB Texas A&M. I believe there is a post on this but you'll have to sift through a lot of pages. Maybe the OP can redo the first page with all the edits like I do in the Team Needs post?

I thought there was an official post out there that was even more inclusive.
Tank Carradine would have been top 10 or maybe top 5 pick if he wasn't injured. If I had to pick a current player he resembles it would be Jason Pierre Paul. Can you imagine Aldon Smith and a healthy Tank coming off the edges.
Corie Lemonier looks underrated to me and I could see teams picking him a lot earlier then expected. I also think Kawann Short is better then a lot mocks give him credit for. For the most part I feel GM's despise and look down on prognosticators such as Mel Kiper and the rest.

Peyton Siva from Louisville would be a surprise pick, given he is a basketball player
Rollin--not lumping Sylvester in with other NC players but some comments about him are similar to comments about Balmer--"Inconsistent" "takes plays off" "easily influenced" are all negatives that make me think twice about a player. On the other hand, one scout said, "Works until the whistle." So Baalke and Harbaugh will have to sort through and make up their own minds. A consistent positive that I liked was "flashes play-making ability."
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
this chick

Great post. Here are my four extreme choices:

OT - Menelik Watson Florida St. Or Terron Armstead Ark Pine Bluff

QB - EJ Manuel Florida St. Or Tyler Wilson Arkansas
Alex Okafor
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