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I am really having a tough time identifying the FS that I hope the Niners target. A lot of the top names seem much more viable at SS to me. Cyprien may be a good coverage guy for a SS, but I question his deep coverage skills as a FS. There doesn't seem to be an Eric Berry, Earl Thomas type pure ball hawk in the top half of the draft.

I am kind of warming to the idea of Eric Reid, but then I saw this:


Player Comparison: LaRon Landry Reid's game resembles Landry more than anybody else, but Landry is much better in pass coverage. Like Landry, Reid is a hard hitter who is a good run-defender. Both players are physical and never shy away from contact. Landry was a high first-rounder, while Reid looks to be a second-day pick.

Walterfootball exposed as useless for the 1,000th time.